Make things better


“Make things better” has always been my mantra, so it’s no wonder I fell in love with UX design. Whether it’s improving a site or an app, advocating for others, or a void in the music scene, I’m constantly figuring out how to make things simpler, run smoother, help people, or take things to the next level. I love working through the challenges of making those things better.


I’m always asking, “How can I help?” Starting is often the hardest step (ahem, that new workout routine, right?), but that’s where I excel. I love rallying the squad and setting things in motion. I might put a light framework in place to build the momentum, where everyone can then help shape the process or project. Running scrappy at first allows us to iterate as we go and reduces change aversion.


Solutions are found quicker when collaborating. We brainstorm more ideas, understand different perspectives, and troubleshoot more rapidly than when working individually. Have a project or want to join in on one of mine? Let’s get in touch! Explore my portfolio and resume or learn more about me.

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